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Based out of Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Predator Charter’s skipper - Dave’s 25+ years experience in fishing  charters provides the knowledge and background to ensure the time of  your life in the best of Vancouver's Saltwater Fishing opportunities  throughout the year! Dave is a certified Tidal Angling Guide, and if you want success - Then Contact Predator Charters - or call: 604.329.8642 today!

Along with providing one of the best fishing  charter experiences, Dave also offers fishing statistics - years of  cumulated data on fishing around the Howe Sound and coastal waters of  Vancouver, B.C.  For the serious fisherman - this data is absolutely  invaluable to the success of the next big catch!  The fishing statistics area is for paid members, and includes regularly updated daily ‘who is pulling in what’ reports.

Newsletters are  also provided to the serious, through to the occasional person  interested in fishing these pristine waters looking for that next  trophy!  Sign up to receive your newsletter via email, or read the  archives on this web site.

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